Monday, June 6, 2011


Can I be honest here?

God, I sure hope the answer is yes. Because really, if I can't be honest here where can I be. So that's a yes, right? Oh good. So I've been spending the last hour or so trying to come up with a way to start out this blog without coming off like either a pretentious ass who thinks everyone is going to flock to read about her AMAZING life (lolz) OR some unfunny hack who thinks she's hilarious and is actually dryer than the Sahara desert. So I think I've finally come up with the perfect opening for my new blog, you ready? Ok here it goes.


What do ya think? It's simple, short, and to the point. It says "I care" but without going overboard right? Yeah I thought so too. Well now that we've got that out of the way lets move on shall we. Alright, now to the fun part. You know, the part where I sell myself to you as if I were interviewing for a new position or on a first date.

Ok, so here we go. I am married to my best friend, I work in a call center for one of the largest communications companies in the US, I have an affinity for TV shows that get canceled long before their time *RIP Firefly*; I love the beach, hate the heat of Fresno summers, have a very hard time being civil to people who do not cherish their children with every fiber of their being and I HATE bacon (yes I know, un-American). I believe in complete equality as well as freedom of speech. I tend to play the Devil's advocate just because I feel every side of an argument should have a say. I root for the underdog. I'm afraid of dark bathrooms, I say what I think before I think about what I say. Oh, and if/when any blood manages to slide it's way into my caffeine stream I fall flat on my face.

Now is that all of who I am? Naah. Do you have a better picture of the person who's leading you on this grand adventure through their life? God I hope so.

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