Monday, June 13, 2011

Crisp Sheets, Movies, and Fig Newtons

Wee I'm sick. Isn't it suppose to be June! I was all fine with the cooler weather and the rain, but that was before I got sick. I'll find someone or something to blame for this, but until then time to get comfortable and try and get better so I can go back to work. Wait, who am I kidding. Ok scratch the work part, but I would like to feel normal again. But until then time to snuggle in and grab hold of what makes me happiest when I'm sick. When you're under the weather there are a few things you turn to for comfort. For me it's a simple list of things that make me happy no matter what the situation, but when I'm not feeling well they're just a thousand times better.

This is true love.

Crisp Clean Sheets: That feeling of slipping between crisp, soft, fluffy sheets is unsurpassed. There's just the most perfect feeling when you get your sheets out of the dryer, put them on the bed, and then slide in. Last year for our anniversary we spent more than I'd like to remember on a set of bamboo sheets. While I would like to forget the cost, I keep looking for a second set. Because now if I need to switch sheets we go back to the jersey knit standby. And while I really like my red jersey knit sheets, I LOVE my baby blue bamboo heaven.

Mmm Cheese and Abs.

Movies (series to be exact):  We're talking cheesetastic (it's a word) movies that make you cringe and giggle because they just get worse as they get new sequels or remakes. Oh of course I have a few standard good movies I go to when I don't feel well too, but oh the cheese! When I'm sick and my poor husband is home (like today) he gets to come on the adventure that is watching great movies, mediocre movies, and horrid movies. I have an awesome $5 movie collection, it's the only way to find the cheesiest of movies I tell you. Mmm movies.

Oddly enough, not me
Snacks: When I'm sick I tend to snack all day instead of eating real meals. We'll say it's because I can't keep anything down and not just because I've horrible habits. When I was little and my dad would take care of a sick me he'd sit me up on the couch with a roll of crackers and the remote. Well and my homework, but I block that part out when I reminisce. I love Ritz crackers and Fig Newtons, but Double Stuf Oreos make me smile like a small child. I will say though, that there are a few comfort foods I love that aren't of the snack variety. The only time my dad's Sheppard's Pie sounds good is when I'm sick. Because really, you have to be completely ill to consider mashed potatoes, cheese, corn, ketchup, and hot dogs a meal worth doing anything other than feeding a dog. Though family staples like chili and rice, scrambled eggs with Ritz crushed in them, and mac n cheese with tuna and peas are comfort food I love all the time. Don't judge.

So now my sickly self bids you adieu so I can go curl up in bed with my clean sheets, a peanut butter and pickle bagel and watch Timeline for the 100th time.

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